Influenza Vaccinations 2020

The Influenza Vaccines 2o2o program is being rolled out in the coming days.  We do not currently have vaccines in stock but will notify our customers via FaceBook and our…

What is Alfie the Elf up to?

Christmas can be a stressful time especially when you are not feeling well or in need of medications.  At Vivian Pharmacy we are lucky to be visited this year by Alfred "Alfie" the Elf who is going to be helping us out (we hope) every day leading up to Christmas.  Check out our Vivian Pharmacy Facebook Page every day to see what he is up to. If you need any medications, drug information or health advice leading up to Christmas be sure to pop in to Vivian Pharmacy, open every day leading up to Christmas.  



GO MAGNESIUM 1-A-DAY is a high strength, 1-A-Day formula which contains 500mg of elemental Magnesium per capsule. Current price is $24.99 for 60 or 2 bottles for $40 Sourced from…

Oral Contraceptive Pill now available without a prescription

How to Get the Pill (Oral contraceptive pill) Over the counter without a prescription. If you are currently taking the pill (oral contraceptive pill), Vivian Pharmacy can supply up to six months' worth of your current pill without the need for a doctor's prescription. We can supply any of the commonly used contraceptive pills if you meet the criteria. Our service is available to: - Women who are aged 16-39 years - Not Pregnant - Who have visited a Doctor for the Pill in the last 3 years Our pharmacists will assess whether or not our service is suitable for you from the answers you provide in a short consultation. No appointments required. Private consultation area is used. Consultation fee applies. **This service is only available in store and a consultation does not guarantee supply.

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