Vivian Pharmacy Payment Plan

Do you find if difficult to budget? Is there never any money left at the end of your week? Would you like to have a little bit of money put aside to cover important items such as medicine and prescription charges? Well, this idea could be perfect for you! At Vivian Pharmacy, we want to provide you with an opportunity to put away as little as $2.00 per week so that you will have money available at our pharmacy when you require an unexpected prescription or pharmacy purchase. The benefits of having an account with credit at our Pharmacy are huge:
  • For you there is peace-of-mind that money is available for emergencies
  • Click to download Payment FormWe are open seven days a week
  • We have long opening hours
  • We offer professional advice
  • Our service is fast and efficient
  • We are friendly, approachable and confidential
Of course if you prefer to pay more than $2.00 a week then the decision is entirely yours. It allows you more freedom and the confidence that you have enough money to pay for emergencies that arise. Simply click on the link below to download our Automatic payment form and bring into our Pharmacy at 95 Vivian Street, New Plymouth, to get it authorised. Alternatively you can email it to [email protected]