Plan B – Medicine Sachet System

Medicine Sachet System – your Plan B.

Often when we dispense quite a few regular medicines to the same person and we are going through them to check everything is tickety boo our pharmacist might say “Hey you must have a great system at home that you use to organize and remember your medicines each day” and invariably they do. This is their Plan A.

Kiwis have always been known for their innovation and inventiveness, and these “systems” we hear about are often really effective. Whether it be putting all the medicines in containers for the week or leaving some by the teapot as a reminder it just seems to work – most of the time. There are apps available too, which help with reminders, keeping a track of when medicines might run out or need replenishing. Also, there is usually one family member that “takes the reigns” and ensures Plan A works to keep their partner or loved one well.

But lately we have noticed that it only takes one thing to make the whole system fall over: an extra medication at a different time, a completely new diagnosis with lots of extra medications, the primary caregiver suddenly becoming unwell or (heaven forbid) out of the picture altogether. Suddenly medications are missed, doubled up, taken at the wrong time or forgotten altogether. The effect of this can be quite dramatic and upsetting.

This is where Plan B can come in. A compliance pack such as The Medicine Sachet System can give clients, family and the health professionals reassurance that medications are sorted and organized in an easy to use system with many added services. The client can retain their independence in their own home for longer with this system.

Our staff meet with the client and/or family to ensure medications are packed at the most appropriate times. We can organize prescriptions, package the medications into weekly or monthly lots, and deliver them to your door when it suits. Any changes can easily be managed, and written medicine information and yellow cards can be provided too. Have a look at the sachet system area of our website to find out more or call us on 067588263 Extn 2.
We offer a free one month trial to see if our system can go from being a Plan B to your Plan A. Thereafter it is only $8 per month to have all medications packed and delivered.


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