Prescription Subsidy Scheme

The 1st of February is looming, and that means the start of a “new year” for prescriptions that contribute to the Prescription Subsidy Scheme. If you have a current Prescription Subsidy Card, this will expire on 31 January, and from 1 February you begin paying the co-payment on each prescription item – usually just $5.

You become eligible for a subsidy card again once you have paid for 20 new subsidised prescription medicine items. Once you’re eligible, you do not have to pay any more prescription co-payment charges for the rest of that “year” (to 31 January).
You can reach the 20-item threshold by combining prescription items for your partner and dependent children aged from 13 up to 18. Just tell one of the staff at Vivian Pharmacy the names of all the people in your family to help us keep track of how many items you’ve paid for.

This information is gathered electronically, so you no longer need to keep your receipts. We can regularly check your item count, even if some of these have been obtained from another pharmacy.

The subsidy is aimed at reducing costs for families and people who are prescribed a lot of medicines. Vivian Pharmacy also offers a payment plan to help spread out the costs of your prescriptions.

Please note, as there is no prescription charge on items for children under 13 years, these items can’t be counted as part of the 20-item threshold. The threshold excludes non-subsidised prescriptions and the majority of over the counter medicines (pharmacy medicines).

It is a really good idea, for a lot of reasons, that you try to only use one pharmacy for your family’s prescription needs. This makes it easier for us to keep tabs on of the number of prescriptions you have had. Vivian Pharmacy is open 7 days a week, until 8pm on weekdays and 5pm on weekends. There is convenient free parking on site during all open hours. We also offer a delivery service, and can pack your medicines in easy to use compliance sachets to make life so much easier for you and your family.

Visit our website to find out more about our services, including instant Southern Cross prescription claims and our Payment Plan.

Vivian Pharmacy is a proud member of the Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand

For more information visit…/medications/prescription-subsidy-scheme or have a chat to one of the team at Vivian Pharmacy.


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