We charge you the correct co-payment level (prescription tax) and these charges are set down by the government. Please ensure we have your correct card details. You have a right to ask us about the cost of your medicine, if you do not understand how we calculated the final cost.

Medicine charges may change, sometimes each month, depending upon the subsidy price negotiated between PHARMACY and the drug company. If the subsidy on the medicine changes, you may incur a different price for your prescription.

A premium is charged if the prescribed medicine is not fully subsidised. If you ask about this additional cost, we will always inform you if there is another alternative medicine, which is fully subsidised.

We carry a full and comprehensive range of Prescription Medicines and Special Foods and are happy to stock all medicines on request.

$2 processing fee for Faxed or Telephoned Prescriptions.

$2 fee for WINZ or Insurance printouts.