Three convenient options to request for your medicince

Order medication online

You can upload your prescriptions for us to prepare in advance.
Please send us a photo or a scanned copy of your prescription.
It must be clear and readable.
You can also let us know any specifics regarding the prescription in your email.
We will send you a reply to confirm receipt within 24 hours.
If we do not reply, please assume it hasn't been received.

Drop in with your prescription
Just bring in your prescription provided by your doctor, dentist, specialist, or midwife. We will then accurately and efficiently dispense your prescription, and provide advice about the medicines that you have been prescribed. We can also give you a MEDINFO leaflet to take away with you, about your medicines.
Get your prescription sent directly from your doctor or surgeon
You can request for your doctor or surgeon to email us the prescription directly. (Fax valid till December 2020)

Terms and Conditions

You must bring your original, physical prescription when you come into pick up. We offer delivery of prescriptions as well. To find out more: Visit: Note: Medicines will not be released if there isn't an original, valid, physical prescription. This is a legal requirement.

Our prescription services

We maintain a confidential medication profile for each client, keeping a list of all medicines that have been prescribed. For your safety, we have an obligation to report any significant findings about your medicine to your prescriber – your doctor, dentist, specialist or midwife – that wrote the prescription. This is always done in a confidential manner. Information provided at the time of dispensing will include:
  • Directions for the safe and effective use of your medicine
  • The expected outcome of therapy (what results to expect from taking your medicine)
  • What side effects may occur and what you should do if you experience any side effects.
  • How your medicine should be stored.
  • How to safely dispose of any unused medicines
If you wish to ask for further information about your medicines, please don’t hesitate to do so and a private consulting area is available if required. With each prescription, you will receive a receipt that details the total cost you will pay, and the cost paid by the District Health Board (DHB). We will make sure you are told about any charges additional to those agreed in our contract. Our Medicine Sachet System can be provided to help with compliance and managing your medications. A small fee applies to this service. Our pharmacists are happy to answer any query on medications and minor ailments either in person or on the phone. The names of the pharmacist(s) on duty will be displayed clearly at the pharmacy at all times.

Upload your prescription here

Upload Your Prescription

  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, jpeg.
    Please take a picture or scan your prescription. Kindly ensure it is legible. The maximum file size is 20MB.