Supply of medicines – Prepare, don’t Panic

The COVID-19 pandemic situation is an unusual situation for all of us and VIVIAN PHARMACY is having to respond to the unprecedented demand on our services.

Please be aware of the impact that stock piling of medications will have on the equity of medicine access to ALL New Zealanders.

This is not a medicine supply issue – it is a medicine demand issue, just like we have seen in supermarkets.

By all means get a prescription organised with your GP or specialist.  Today we have had to implement a policy whereby if you already have 4-6 weeks of your medicine at home then we can hold your prescription on site (or you can keep it at home if you wish) and organise a supply when you are close to running out (1 week to 10 days before).

Vivian Pharmacy does have adequate supplies of medications if we manage it sensibly. Vivian Pharmacy also offers a delivery service on weekdays for New Plymouth and Bell Block.  Please reach out to us via phone 06 7588263 or email [email protected] .

Vivian Pharmacy has waived our usual administration fee for faxed prescriptions.

Vivian Pharmacy also has a text reminder service so we can text you when repeats are due and get them ready for collection or delivery.  Make sure we have your up to date contact details on file.

This is an initiative that is being supported by all areas of the health sector to try and minimise stock piling of medications which is also seen as a health and safety issue.

We will by no means let anyone be without medications.

At Vivian Pharmacy we appreciate your patience, kindness and understanding in this situation.  We are all working extremely hard in challenging circumstances to ensure the health and wellness of our community.



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