Traveling away these holidays?

Sick of packing up all your medications to take away on holiday? or “heaven forbid” you forget them altogether – then we have the solution for you.  Vivian Pharmacy can pack all of your medications in easy to use sachet packs so everything is organized in to the right time and the right day. You can tear off doses to take with you on a day trip or keep a few in your hand luggage.  They are clearly marked with all of the correct details and you will never have to ask “did I take my medication this morning” again.

Bring in your prescription by Wednesday the 19th of December and we can guarantee we will have them ready for you for the Christmas Break.  If you are travelling earlier just give us up to 2 business days to sort everything and you will be good to go. There is a small charge of $10 for this service.   We have the team working overtime to make sure all of our customers are safely prepared for the Christmas Break with all of their medications. Oh and Alfie is helping us too.

Sachet System


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