Upload your prescription straight from your mobile phone

Convenience, Compassion and Care.

Vivian Pharmacy is excited to announce a new initiative to organise your prescriptions and it links in with other great services that we offer.

Upload your prescription from your phone or device straight to our dispensary for processing. How easy does that sound? Once your prescription has been processed, we will text you to confirm, you bring in the original and it is all ready to go. We can also deliver it straight to your door in our super new delivery vehicle.

No waiting around

So this means no waiting around at Vivian Pharmacy, especially if you have unwell children or parents. We can also package your medicines into sachets so they are easier to manage. Just put a note in the comments when you upload your prescription and we will be in touch with when it will be ready, and make a time to show you how this great system can work for you.

Uploading your prescription is simple and easy to do ANY TIME OF THE DAY or NIGHT. Rest assured it is secure and safe in our system and will be processed as quickly as possible. You can get on with your day knowing we will let you know when it is ready, or we will deliver it straight to your door.

Effortless, convenient, user friendly and still with great advice, compassion and communication.

Make Vivian Pharmacy your pharmacy of choice – medicines with advice and now even more convenient, using technology to help our customers live a healthier and better life. Check out our website and get started with this great new service.

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