Clinicians Magnesium 625mg 90 Capsules - Buy One Get One Free



A highly absorbable magnesium

Clinicians Magnesium capsules contain a Magnesium complex which is useful to provide support to the body's cardiovascular, immune, hormonal and muscular-skeletal health.

Magnesium is utilised by every cell in the body and is essential for hundreds of body enzyme reactions.

Magnesium provides particular support for muscle tone and relaxation, and may be benefit healthy blood pressure and enhance sleep quality.

Each Clinicians Magnesium Aspartate capsule contains:
Magnesium aspartate complex 625mg equivalent to elemental magnesium 125mg

Take 1 to 3 Clinicians Magnesium Aspartate capsules daily or as directed.
General replacement may be calculated as 6mg magnesium per kg body weight. Under certain conditions, this may be increased to 12mg per kg body weight.

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