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HikersWool, made from lambs' wool fleece, is soft, lanolin-rich and durable. It helps in the prevention of blisters between toes and on the soles of your feet by providing friction free comfort and wicks away the moisture. Perspiration around the hot spots on your skin and our special intricate carding process means your toes will never poke through. Just like magic!

Along with blister prevention, helping with ingrown toenails and general feet soreness, our product has also be proven to help with:

pointe work in Ballet
pressure points in elderly
cushioning for amputee prosthesis
chaffing from shoulder straps
'black toenail' for hikers, trampers and runners- even over long distances

Going on an African Safari? Walking the Heaphy Track?  Whoever you are and whatever you do, you can trust HikersWool to help your feet to stay strong so you can go that extra mile. Don't put up with foot discomfort. Protect yourself with blister prevention from NZ-made HikersWool and you can be enjoying outdoor, sporting or shopping activities pain-free.

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