Aquapick Premium Water Flosser



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Aquapick Premium Water Flosser

The Aquapick AQ - 350 is more effective and easier to use than any other floss! Use the AQ - 350 premium water flosser for the best results and a healthier you. Aquapick uses water at variable pressure to gently remove plaque, bacteria, and food debris from between teeth and around the gum line where brushing cannot get.To clean all 32 teeth, we need to generate around 2500 impacts, this uses a full 600mls. The AQ - 350 holds 600mls of water, for the optimal removal of plaque, bacteria and food debris, while increasing the circulation within gums. The recommended pressure is between 10 and 100psi, any higher could lead to gum damage.The Aquapick AQ- 350 has 12 pressure settings from 10 to 100psi.The water is produced in pulsations creates compression and decompression. This pulsation of water has been clinically proven more effective than a constant flow. It is the impact of the water that removes and flushes plaque and debris. The more pulsations per minute, the quicker a more effective clean is achieved.The Aquapick AQ - 350 generates 2400 pulsations per minute, flossing takes approximately 70 seconds to complete. A patented stainless steel piston pump generates this high pulsation rate making it easier to use, allowing it to be pause with the pump and motor not affected. This piston continues to move with no pressure on the engine, the Aquapick AQ-350 lasts longer and is more effective than other water flossers in the market. A key feature of the Aquapick AQ - 350 is the ease of use. Starting with the Auto-start on pause, the superstring and soft hose, and the thumb-operated control. The Aquapick AQ - 350 is the easiest water flosser to use.Made in South Korea alongside, Samsung, LG, and Hyundai, Aquapick is the leader in Gum health internationally. Gum health is the foundation to healthy teeth and a healthy you. This is why dentists recommend flossing is more important than brushing. Unhealthy gums contribute to bad breath, bleeding gums, gum disease (periodontal disease), tooth loss, heart disease, Dementia and Alzheimer's, respiratory disease, and can increase the risk of diabetes. The Aquapick AQ - 350 is ideal for;general daily flossing
tight and overlapping teeth
crowns and bridges
braces and retainer wires
bad breath
wisdom teeth
gum disease
bleeding gums
children from 5yrs*
tonsil stones
oral cancer, and other oral and health related issues. 
*with adult supervision.

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