The Benefits of using Piksters® Interdental Brushes

What is a Piksters® Interdental Brush?
Piksters® Interdental brushes are small, circular toothbrushes designed to clean the spaces between your teeth—areas that are difficult to reach with regular brushing. They are like floss but easier to use. Interdental brushes are particularly beneficial for those with orthodontic braces, splints, or anyone looking for a more thorough clean.

But I Brush My Teeth... Why Do I Need to Clean the Space Between My Teeth?
Brushing your teeth is essential, but it doesn't clean the entire surface. The space or gap between your teeth conceals about 40% of the tooth surface but it accounts for about 80% of the problems. By cleaning the gap, you get a huge advantage in preventing decay and gum disease. The reason most X-rays are taken is to check for decay in the gap areas and to catch it early. By cleaning in the gap, you not only reduce your chance of decay, root canal treatments and crowns, but you substantially reduce your chance of serious gum and bone disease around the chewing teeth.

How Often Should I Use Piksters® Interdental Brushes?
Use Piksters® as frequently as you feel you need to, especially if you get food stuck between your teeth, but at least once a day when you clean your teeth in the evening. You can also apply toothpaste to the bristles before insertion for a super fresh feeling. Unlike a toothbrush, Piksters® can be carried in your pocket and used in many situations, particularly after meals when you can't access a bathroom.

How to Use Piksters® Interdental Brushes Correctly
Follow these steps for optimal results:

1. Choose the Right Size: Select a brush size that fits comfortably between your teeth. If the wire bends, you may be using too much force.

2. Adjust the Angle for Back Teeth: For back teeth, push the tip to an angle of approximately 45°- 90° and insert the brush slowly with a gentle twisting or wriggling action.

3. Straight Insertion for Front Teeth: For front teeth, insert the brush head straight, also with a gentle twisting or wriggling action. Twisting helps the brush head enter with less bending of the wire.

Which Piksters® Size Should I Use?

A great place to start is to try:
1.  Piksters® Interdental Variety pack


2. Piksters® Interdental 10 pack in SMALL sizes and add or refine with MEDIUM and LARGE sizes.

Piksters® products span across categories such as floss, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and teeth whitening. The company strives to bring innovative, new, and improved products to the market that represent high quality and value to dental professionals and consumers. Learn more at www.piksters.com


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