What does it mean when I have repeats on my prescription?

What does it mean when I have repeats on my medicine?

When the label on your medicine says that there is a “repeat” or “repeats” it means that a further supply is available from that pharmacy up until the date stated on the label. The Pharmaceutical Management Agency, PHARMAC, sets dispensing frequency for some medicines to 1 month (30 days) at a time. So you can return for a further supply without presenting another prescription. 

Please make sure you return to the pharmacy where the original prescription was presented to collect you subsequent “repeats”.

Under the following circumstances, you are eligible to receive more than one month’s supply of your medicines:

1. have limited physical mobility, or

2. live and work more than 30 minutes from the nearest pharmacy by their normal form of transport, or

3. are relocating to another area, or

4. are travelling extensively and will be out of town when the repeat prescriptions are due.

Order your repeats now by emailing dispensary@vivianpharmacy.co.nz or call 067588263


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